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Terry’s Blog


Welcome to the Orleans County Amateur Radio Club Website.Home of WA2DQL and W2ORC

         We are located in Albion,NY part of  Orleans County in New York State. We hold our meetings every second Monday(7:30PM)  of the month at the Orleans County Emergency Managment Center at 14064 West County House Road in Albion,NY 14411.We have a  weekly net on 145.270 with a tone of 141.3 every Tue Night at 9:00 PM. We also have a Simplex net once a month on the 3rd Monday at 9:00 PM. All are wecome to join in. We also have a Facebook page run by Chuck NR2C at https://www.facebook.com/groups/OCARC/

    Our Call Sign for the repeater id WA2DQL and our Contesting Call Sign is W2ORC

    My name is Terry( K2EYS ) and I am  the Web Editor for this site Any Comments are welcome good or bad. Just email me at  K2EYS@ocarc.us  . Look around and enjoy. Feel free to come back often .


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July 2016 NewsLetter

Orleans County Amateur Radio Club Newsgroup

For all that are interested in a QSL card from us on the lighthouse weekend Just send a self address stamped envelope to the address above and we will get one right out to you’ Hope everybody has a great Light House Weekend

Fieldday 2016

Fieldday 2016

To view more pictures of field click HERE. Check back and I hope we will have more


SK Steve Maier JR.

He will be Missed

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